Celebrating 14 years


For 14 years, AV Diagnostics has been committed to leading the way in the diagnosis and management of heart disease in the Greater Toronto Area. Early diagnosis is critical for ensuring successful treatment of patients, which is why the team at AV Diagnostics continues to focus on bringing the most advanced diagnostic capabilities to bear to detect cardiac disease at its earliest stages.

We work with referring physicians and hospitals to ensure minimal wait times, personalized service, and rapid reporting. Our commitment to providing reliable and effective diagnostics is second-to-none, and we are grateful to our referring partners for the confidence they have placed in us. Our promise for the next 14 years is to continue to strive every day to remain worthy of that trust.

Those partners represent a network of health care providers who need fast, accurate, and reliable diagnostics for their patients. They include cardiologists and other medical professionals and clinics whose efforts to achieve early diagnosis of heart disorders saves many thousands of lives. We are grateful for the work that you and other medical providers do to ensure that our community’s health is always a priority.

Heart Disease: The Dangers

Heart disease continues to be the leading cause of death in North America. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that roughly 610,000 people in the U.S. die because of heart disease each year. Research has confirmed that early diagnosis is critical for ensuring successful treatment and management of cardiovascular disease.

In Canada, heart disease is a condition experienced by both men and women. And while men make up the lion’s share of cases in many other countries, Canadian women are actually more apt to experience heart complications in any given year – especially after menopause. That makes the need to diagnose these conditions even more urgent, since medical providers must focus equal measures of attention on both genders.

Timing is important 

Our team uses a variety of diagnostic tools to ensure accurate and timely identification of heart disease. Those tools enable AV Diagnostics to quickly diagnose irregularities to ensure that patients can be properly treated to prevent more serious disease. All of this has been made possible by the timely intervention of our partner providers, and their quick referral of patients to our center. Our team is backed by a full array of cutting-edge diagnostic tools and equipment, ensuring the timeliest turnaround times and unparalleled accuracy. That commitment to consist quality diagnosis services is why area physicians and hospitals continue to look to AV Diagnostics for their diagnosis needs. That partnership helps to ensure quality care for patients in the Greater Toronto Area. 

3-D Echo Anatomic Precision 

With AV Diagnostics, our partners know that they’re providing their patients with the best disease detection tools available. Our 3-D Echocardiography is superior to standard echocardiograms, and provides the type of precision that is needed for accurate early detection and treatment of cardiac disease. We enter a new era of clinically meaningful cardiovascular imaging with true real-time volume color Doppler. This advanced technology empowers our clinical decisions with simultaneous visualization of form, flow, and function without compromises. It delivers high frame rate 2D imaging and high volume rate 3D imaging for every heartbeat of every patient – even those with arrhythmia. 

Our Team

The AV diagnostic team continues to be committed to providing partners like you with the diagnostic services your patients need to ensure timely and effective treatment of heart disease. We are grateful to our cardiologists and staff of experienced professionals for their hard work and commitment to excellence these last fourteen years, and for their tireless dedication to meeting patients’ diagnostic needs. 

We thank our partners 

We are even more grateful for our many partners in the area, who entrust us with those patients’ need for rapid, accurate diagnosis. For many years, that partnership has helped to save and enrich the lives of patients suffering from cardiac disease. Our commitment to you is to continue to provide the most accurate and rapid diagnosis for your patients throughout the next fourteen years and beyond. 

At the end of the day, the success we’ve all enjoyed over the course of the last fourteen years is primarily thanks to partners like you. As your diagnostic needs have expanded, that demand has motivated us to reach for even higher levels of efficiency and accuracy. Without all that you do for patients in the area, our work simply wouldn’t be possible.

For that, we thank you. It’s been our honor to stand by your side as you’ve provided the quality care that cardiac patients throughout the Greater Toronto area need to identify disease as early as possible and get the right treatment in a timely manner. We look forward to continuing our strong partnership for many years to come. In short, Happy Anniversary to us all – and may there be many more to come. 

AV Diagnostics team