Celebrating 17 years

celebrating 17 years
celebrating 17 years

Celebrating our 17th Year and Achievement of Certification from CorHealth Ontario!

Our labs were founded over 16 years ago to provide quality cardiology services. We thank you for your on-going support, trust and collaboration in caring for patients. As you know, the quality of cardiac diagnostics and consulting services varies greatly across the province. For that reason, we’ve supported the echocardiography accreditation efforts led by CorHealth Ontario from the very start – AV Diagnostics & Cardiology was one of the first to register at the announcement of the Echocardiography Quality Improvement Program. We’re most certainly proud to highlight our achievement of this accreditation! This is your assurance that when you entrust your patients to us, you are assured of timely, reliable and high quality care.

We work with you to ensure exams meet the required criteria for clinical indications and that we have the necessary background information to proceed right, the first time. Our approach treats patients like members of the high performing team that we are – we work together to ensure our efforts acquire high quality images and measurements, and that they result in reports that are meaningful to the clinical management of patients.

Our 3 Locations Have New Names

Increasingly, patients are recognizing and exercising their right to choose the healthcare providers that they depend on for quality care. To better reflect the full range of services we offer and highlight that excellent care can be obtained close-to-home we are changing our name and individual locations. 

Our Toronto site, near Lawrence & Dufferin, is being re-branded to: Yorkdale Cardiology

Our Aurora site, near downtown on Hollandview Trail, is being re-branded to: Aurora Cardiology

Our Keswick site, conveniently located near the northern end of Hwy 404, is being re-branded to: Georgina Cardiology

Together we are AV Diagnostics and Cardiology Associates

The addresses and telephone numbers remain the same.

You can be rest assured that the commitment to quality and service you’ve come to expect from us will remain at all sites, as this is a name-change only: service will not be interrupted, we’ll still be managing all operations, and, as we’ve always done, we’ll continue to make on-going improvements based on feedback and our own review processes.

New referral forms are now available for download and can be integrated into a wide-variety of EMR systems. (We’ll continue to accept old referrals forms.)  These are available here:



We look forward to your continued collaboration! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out by email (info@avdiagnostics.ca)

Kind Regards,

AV Diagnostics team